Figuring out HOW to go Tiny

In our quest to live in a Tiny Home all I've done so far is look at really cute tiny houses online and watched episodes of Tiny House Hunters on T.V. (when I have any spare time which is NEVER because I work 6-7 days a week). And while I've found some really cute tiny houses it I havn't actually worked out any of the detail about buying, moving, and using the Tiny Home.


  1. Fiancing a tiny home -where? how much? is my credit good enough?
  2. Where to park our tiny home - trailer park? RV park? Laws? Codes? Land? Where? How much?
  3. How to move our tiny home - buy a new/used truck? wait until house is paid off, then buy new/used truck? what kind of truck will pull a tiny home?
  4. Where to buy our tiny home - how much do they cost? how long do they take to build? Can they ship the house or do we have to go get it? What style house do we want? What's on our 'must include' and what's on our 'wish list'
  5. Budgeting for the tiny home - how are we going to pay back the loan for the tiny house, land, truck etc., creating a budget
  6. Where to begin the downsizing for our tiny home - donate? yard sale? when? what if there are things we don't want to part with?

These are just a few of the detail I have thought of that still need to be worked out.

Next weekend my husband and I are going to the Earth Day Fair in Dallas, TX. They're suppose to have a talk on the tiny house movement and have some tiny houses we can tour. This sounds very exciting as I'v never been in a tiny house! I know, we just see them on t.v. and online and think they look big enough to live in. I really hope I still feel that way after I step into a real tiny house. I am also hoping some tiny house builders will be there so we can talk about the logistics of building a tiny home and moving it to Oklahoma City.


My credit is fair, but it has been climbing since I've been paying off my credit cards. I should have all my credit cards paid off in just a couple months then my credit should be good. We still need to work on fixing my husbands credit so we would most likely be purchasing the Tiny Home in my name only. I've looked at a few diffferent websites that say it can be easier to purchase if you get a loan for a RV and get an RV certified tiny home. This sounds like a good route for us, as we want to be traditionally finaced from a bank, not borrow money from friends or family. And we don't want to wait until we have the money saved as we think that it's a waste of money to pay rent any longer when we could be using that to pay for our own home. I've made an appointment with my bank for next week to go in and talk about my odds of qualifying for an RV loan are, and what my APR would be etc. My biggest fear is they're going to tell me I don't qualify for a loan the size we will be needing to purchase the house (roughly $40K+).

So I'll start with Finacing our dream and then move on to figuring out where we are going to park it. Until then it's back to working and looking at cute tiny houses online.

My favorite tiny house so far is by Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders. Their Relax Shack (Red) looks like the perfect size for my little family. And has some of the must haves, but not all. I'll keep my eyes open but this one is definatly a contender!

Some of my other favorite designes are by Tennessee Tiny Homes, and Tiny Life Construction. I like the modern look I suppose.


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