Tiny House Obsessed

Hello Tiny House/Tiny Living loving folks!

I am officially obsessed with one particular Tiny House that's for sale by Mini Mansions Home Builders. It's their Relax Shack (Red) and I just LOVE it. They even assured me they could put in an oven so that I can still do my favorite hobby (I love to cook and bake). If Dallas goes well and my husband and I still want a tiny house after touring some and hearing the talk about tiny houses at the Earth Day Fair then we are going to plan a trip up to St. Peters, MO and look at this house - should it still be available at that time, which I hope that it is. My husband has even changed his mind and thinks that composting toilets are the better option for tiny houses! I'm ok with the composting toilet if I don't have to be the one who changes the liner out.

Here's a picture of the house that I want that's for sale right now:

Relax Shack Red

If it sells before we get a chance to look at it, I will be looking for something very similar.

Wish List: Modern Exterior, White Interior, Full Kitchen, Stairs, Full size Shower, loft for at least a queen size bed, Space enough for a couch/built-in couch in the livingroom, heating and A/C, washer/dryer unit, LOTS of windows, and hook-ups for electric and water

This one is just under $40K, plus we would need to get it moved to Oklahoma so we would need money for that too. I will see if we can get a loan for $45,000 and use some of our savings for down payment. I've never gotten a loan on my own except student loans. My car loan was co-signed by my father. I really hope they don't require a co-signer for this loan, I doubt I could ask my family to co-sign such a large amount. Our tiny dreams might come to a stand still if we can't get financed for our new home. I have that appointment with the bank Friday, fingers crossed it goes well!


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