Paying for the Tiny House

My new biggest fear is that we will not be able to get a loan to buy a tiny house. On top of the fact that the tiny house is not a mortgage and not a vehicle loan so what the heck kind of loan do we get? problem. There is also the problem of not having any collateral. The only thing my husband and I own out right is his 2003 SUV, and I doubt very much that will take us very far. Also, I was planning on applying in my name only because I have better credit than my husband. However, I don't have a traditional job, I work at a hospital PRN and only work days they need extra help. Lately that has been every day so my pay checks look like I have a traditional salary, but I know the bank is not going to see it that way. My husband does have a traditional job, but he's only been at his job for 9 months and if you factor in his credit our average credit drops by  ALOT. But I'm not sure how they factor credit, time at employment yaddah, yaddah. I'm scared that our tiny house dreams may be on hold until our financial situation becomes more 'traditional' aka, I fold and get a real job (which I don't want to do) or we improve my husbands credit (which will take both a lot of time and a lot of money) or we save up enough to buy the house outright (which will take YEARS and a LOT of money). How do people take this kind of stress???? If buying a tiny house is this stressful, I can't imagine how stressful buying a full size house would be, with ten's of thousands more dollars to fund! Yikes!




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