Financing Tiny Dreams

Due to the fact that the bank gave us a solid NO my husband and I have had to re-imagine how we are going to be financing our tiny dreams. What it boils down to is internet and private loans are out - I've gotten per-approved for a few loans but the most they'll loan is $24,000 which doesn't cover the cost of a completed tiny home. We are going to have to go with a company that is willing to finance the home they build. This makes the small pool of venders even smaller. The good news on that front is I have acutally found 2 tiny home builders in Oklahoma and one of them offers financing!

The style home they offer is not at all what I had pictured asthetics wise - I wants sleek and modern, they only offer the cabin style home, I wanted something mobile, the smallest they offer is 380 sq ft. We'd have to have it professionally moved and parked in an actual mobile home park - no RV parks or camping for us. On the plus side my husband LOVES the idea of that much more room. And he loves that the bedroom is on the main floor. I am willing to compromise on the style because it still has the room for a full kitchen and at just $22,500 it's almost half the cost of the sleek modern mobile home I was originally wanting. And in the end, one of the main reasons for doing this is for financial freedom so we'll gain that just that much sooner. My husband wants to purchase land in Oklahoma so we have a 'home base' even if we do decide to move to Florida (which we WILL do I just don't know when yet). 253_52045_dscn4257

I can't wait for Dallas to get even more insight  into this tiny living adventure!

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