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Between coughing and sniffing I've been busy googling tiny houses available all over the place. Specifically I've been googling tiny house builders who a) finance and b) have homes under 400sq ft and c) are under $40K and d) are within a reasonable driving distance of either Dallas/Fort Worth or Oklahoma City. I've found 5 companies that fit this bill. The 2 Oklahoma Companies I've mentioned earlier and 3 in the Dallas/FW area. My husband has agreed to spend all day Saturday driving to all 3 Texas locations (Greenville, Rockwall and Tyler, TX) looking at tiny houses all day. SWEET! And since I no longer work Tuesdays my mom is going to go with me to visit the 2 Oklahoma based companies (Tulsa and Muskogee) next Tuesday. I can not wait til we leave for Dallas tomorrow! I'm excited to see our first tiny house in person. I'm also excited to just go on a road trip. Neither me nor my husband has had any time off work in the past 9 months and man is it starting to wear us down. We're really looking forward to a nice hotel, going out to eat, we even decided we may see a movie! We haven't been to the movies at all this year, we don't ever have alone time it seems.

I met with a financial ad visor on Wednesday who is a follower of Dave Ramsey's Financial University/Peace/Goals or whatever he calls it. He was very helpful and gave me a lot of good advise. He did recommend waiting to buy the house until my student loan and car are both paid off. I completely understand why that makes sense mentally, but it just doesn't make sense financially to be throwing out $890/mo in rent when we could put that towards a home we would own outright within a couple years. So, thank you very much for the advice Chris, I will definitely come back and do my retirement investing with your company once my debts are paid, however we're going to go ahead and buy the house now. He really was very nice and did help me roll over my 403b from 3 jobs ago into a traditional IRA! Thank you! He suggested as soon as I pay off the rest of my consumer debt (hopefully within the next couple years) we start investing 15% of our income into Roth IRA's. That will be easy to do in a couple years since our bills will be VERY reduced.

Here's a picture of the MOST RECENT tiny homes I'm thinking of purchasing.


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