Dallas Trip & Strep Throat

We made it home safe and sound Sunday evening after the Fair. Unfortunately I don't have all the awesome pictures I promised you. There were just WAY too many people around to get photos of the tiny homes. Our strep throat kept us from enjoying the fair, we were just too sick to be walking around in the heat 🙁

What we did enjoy was the talk on the tiny house movement, that was interesting to hear some of the high's and low's of tiny house living. My husband still doesn't see eye to eye with me on all of the benefits of tiny living but he's agreed to live in a home between 400-350 sq ft, no smaller. I'm okay with this compromise as that's still saving us a lot of unneeded space. He's agreed to purchase a house through The Tiny House Outlet in Greenville, TX. We need to raise our credit score to 710 in order to get the very best APR offered so that meant spending our savings to pay off the rest of our credit card debt. With that debt gone we should have the credit score we need to get the best possible financing we just need to save for the down payment. The total cost of the house is $27,000 and I want to put 20% down so we'll need to save up $5,400. I hope we can save as close to this amount as possible and still get our home ordered sometime in August.

I've already lost 2 shifts worth of work due to strep throat! I am very tired of being sick, my husband is out of sick days so he's working through his illness, it's just so draining.

Anyway, that's all for now, we've found our house and we have a game plan of how to get it. Next step Downsizing! I've spent all day in bed watching food network and Tiny House Nation, feeling too sick to get up and organize but I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll have some of my energy back and I can get started on downsizing our stuff.



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