Getting There


From 2 stuffed bookshelves top to bottom to less than 2 shelves worth of books. That is a pretty good job downsizing if you ask me. And that was after round 2 of downsizing the books. I have realized it's going to take me a few passes of reviewing everything before I'm willing to let go of what I truly don't want/use/need. I am not taking photos of the loads of stuff we're donating to Good Will because some of the stuff is stuff that was given to us and I don't want anyone thinking I was ungrateful for their gifts, I just don't have room for things we don't absolutely love anymore.

Our junk room is now empty except for the giant stack of boxes we keep for when we move (sooooooo looking forward to getting rid of those after the next move for good!). The only room left to downsize is the kitchen. I started in there today and did downsize the dishes but not the kitchen tools/gadgets/pots/pans etc. I LOVE my kitchen and I LOVE my kitchen doodads...I'm secretly hoping they'll just all fit perfectly in my new tiny home but I know in my heart that they won't and I'm going to have to pare down. 🙁 Can I have a tiny house and a HUGE kitchen? No? Damn.

Had breakfast with my parents and brother this morning. Always love seeing them, but  they do not understand the tiny house thing. They are trying, in a not so subtle way,  to convince us to purchase a standard size home. They keep mentioning all negative points about tiny living and all the positive things about standard homes. But to be honest their 'pros' for conventional housing just do not sound appealing - resell value, tax deduction, storage space. Compared to what we'd get in a tiny home - financial security, mobility, simplicity, closeness, their arguments just don't seem to be swaying either of our opinions. I do hope that once we have the house and the land they will see that it's the right decision for our family, but if not I guess we can live with that too.

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