Tiny house will be here on FRIDAY!!!!!

So I have been so excited I forgot to update the blog and let you know that we got GREAT news on Tuesday! Called to check on the progress of the tiny house and they told me it was being completed that day and will be delivered THIS FRIDAY!! 

We are so excited to have our new home be done and cannot wait to see it! I will be posting photos when it arrives Friday and update progress as we move into the new tiny house! 


Minimization Progress

We sold our table! Yippie! That's a load off my mind. Now we need to get our washer and dryer sold and we are done with the biggest part of our pare down. My husband packed up most of the kitchen utensil on Saturday but I'm going to make dinner tonight so I'll have to do a little unpacking. Which I think is actually a positive thing it means that we actualy USE the things we are taking with us to our new tiny home!

I find myself getting impatient with waiting for our new home to arrive. It's like 'you're so close!' But man does 2 weeks feel like an eternity when you're getting something you have really wanted for a long time.



Moving in less than 2 weeks!

Well I am back at work for the next week with only a day off between now and NEXT Sunday but that's alright, more money to put towards the tiny house and getting a new tiny oven. July 4th is coming at us pretty fast and even though we don't yet know the exact date the home will be delivered we are targeting to be all packed and ready to move out within the next 2 weeks. We have the house we're renting now until the end of July so we have the option to move slowly if we chose to but I am a VERY impatient person and I want to be in our new home ASAP.

We were officially approved at the mobile home park, now I just need to call them and get the name and number for someone to come set up the plumping and electrical for us the week we get the home. One thing I'm not excited about is that it is so large it has traditional mobile home plumbing/electric instead of the RV hook-ups that would make life so much easier. But then again it is too large to up and move on the regular so it's ok that they're semi-permanent hook-ups. I was starting to get used to the idea of a composting toilet though, but my husband is glad for it to be a traditional bathroom facilities so it's a compromise. I get the tiny house, he gets it just a bit larger than the tiny house of my original planning with modern amenities LOL.

I had a lot of time off this week but did very little (OK none) packing or de-cluttering. I mostly read my book, started a new book (A Game of Thrones!) and watched T.V. shows where they remodel old homes into new ones. My handsome husband is at home today packing up our kitchen because he sold the shelving we now use in place of cabinets. We also have someone who found us on craigslist coming by to see if we can swap our dining room table for her living room end table plus some cash. I hope that works out I liked the end table she was selling and we REALLY need to get our table sold. Next I still have to list our washer and dryer on craigslist and pray that those are sold quickly too. I think that's it for the major furniture we need to downsize. No word yet about the 2 chairs we ordered to replace our couch in the tiny home, I will have to call next week and check on those, they shouldn't be ready for a few more weeks.

And last but NOT least I still have to purchase a small oven/stove for our tiny house. The home doesn't come with one but I had them put in an extra electrical outlet so that I could place one against one of the kitchen walls. I worry that it's not going to look right in the kitchen because it'll just be alone against a wall along with my work bench but function over style has always been my mindset so I will just go with it! That's all for now, I'll update again soon!





Hello all! 

So we ordered the house and our builder suggested we put a rush order on it or it wouldn't be ready til mid August or later. So we did which means it is now scheduled to be completed by July 4th that's only 2 weeks away! We are both so excited to see this dream come to life. Now I'm tasked with the hard part- selling all out things we can't take to the new house. So far I've only been successful at selling our microwave (my husband wasn't too happy to go without one for 2 weeks but he will live.) We still have to sell our dinning room table and our washer and dryer set. Luckily my parents want our couches so we don't have to try selling those too. 

I should really be at home right now packing but instead I'm enjoying my day off reading and eating breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants. 

Also we found a place to park the tiny house! We will be putting it in a mobile home park in Yukon, OK. The rent is very reasonable and the drive to work is good for my husband. The drive to my work is a little far but since I only work 3-4 days a week it makes sense to be closer to his job. 

I can't wait to move to our new home! I'll post pictures when it arrives and more updates as downsizing gets down to the nitty gritty LOL! 



We were approved for our Tiny House financing! I paid the deposit today and they'll start production next week! We have 6-7 weeks before we will be living tiny!

As far as downsizing goes we have officially hit the "OH SHIT THIS IS REAL" stage. What am I going to downsize next??? Must list our table on craigslist. And then we have to sell our brand new washer & Dryer because it comes with a stack-able unit in the tiny house. We also need to sell our microwave that's less than a year old.

So Excited!!!!

1244-11-FLA-1Our house will look just like this one only with a blue outside and tan roof 🙂 LOVE!!!


Wait and See

We pulled the trigger and ordered our tiny house!!! We had to apply with the company, Tiny House Direct, for financing for the home so it's all contingent on if we're approved but the dealer didn't think there should be a problem based on my excellent credit score. If we're approved we pay the $2K deposit Thursday and they start production next week!!!!

He said it will take approximately 7 weeks to build the home and get it moved to Oklahoma. That gives us about a month to decide for sure were we are going to put it. After the bank denied us a loan for the land I went on Lendingtree.com and did get a loan offer. Even though we now have a way to purchase the land we need, we still haven't found any property that is perfect for our needs so we decided we will go ahead and find a SUITABLE mobile home park and live there while we search for the perfect spot for our tiny home.We found one park in Norman, OK that would work and me and the husband are going to go look at 3 more when he gets off work today. The tiny home will cost $450/mo being financed at 6.99% and lot rent is between $240-$350/mo. I still need to call our insurance company and find out how much it will cost to insure the tiny house.

Have I forgotten anything??? What else do I need to be doing to prep for going tiny in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS!? Excited/Nervous!

Right now I'm just going to sit back with a batch of Pina Coladas and watch Tiny House, Big Living 🙂

The Tiny House Dream is getting closer to a Reality!



Loan Denied.

Yes, we were denied the land loan we applied for with the local credit union. Opening that letter broke my heart tonight. I just don't know how we're going to get the money for the tiny house land. And if we were denied the land loan, will we be denied the option to finance for the tiny house too???? This is causing me so much anxiety and stress! How can it be so hard to go outside of the norm, but so easy to buy a traditional house? One way we'll be debt free in less than 5 years, and the traditional route has us in debt for the next 30 years...it makes no sense.

I suppose if we have to wait and pay cash for the tiny house and land it's not so terrible, it will take more than 5 years to come up with the money since we're going to have to pay rent too but we will definitely be moving to a less expensive home when our lease is up in November. If we move to the smallest apartment we can find maybe we can save enough money to purchase the house in a few years? Heart. is. broken.

And this comes after talking with a mobile home dealer who said he knows a realtor specializing in finding land zoned for mobile homes. Seriously, one step forward and now two steps backwards.

Should we buy the tiny home and live in a mobile home park while we save for the land? Should we wait until we can afford to purchase our own land before we try purchasing the tiny house? I just don't know anymore. And I've got a huge headache to boot.



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