Wait and See

We pulled the trigger and ordered our tiny house!!! We had to apply with the company, Tiny House Direct, for financing for the home so it's all contingent on if we're approved but the dealer didn't think there should be a problem based on my excellent credit score. If we're approved we pay the $2K deposit Thursday and they start production next week!!!!

He said it will take approximately 7 weeks to build the home and get it moved to Oklahoma. That gives us about a month to decide for sure were we are going to put it. After the bank denied us a loan for the land I went on Lendingtree.com and did get a loan offer. Even though we now have a way to purchase the land we need, we still haven't found any property that is perfect for our needs so we decided we will go ahead and find a SUITABLE mobile home park and live there while we search for the perfect spot for our tiny home.We found one park in Norman, OK that would work and me and the husband are going to go look at 3 more when he gets off work today. The tiny home will cost $450/mo being financed at 6.99% and lot rent is between $240-$350/mo. I still need to call our insurance company and find out how much it will cost to insure the tiny house.

Have I forgotten anything??? What else do I need to be doing to prep for going tiny in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS!? Excited/Nervous!

Right now I'm just going to sit back with a batch of Pina Coladas and watch Tiny House, Big Living 🙂

The Tiny House Dream is getting closer to a Reality!


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