Moving in less than 2 weeks!

Well I am back at work for the next week with only a day off between now and NEXT Sunday but that's alright, more money to put towards the tiny house and getting a new tiny oven. July 4th is coming at us pretty fast and even though we don't yet know the exact date the home will be delivered we are targeting to be all packed and ready to move out within the next 2 weeks. We have the house we're renting now until the end of July so we have the option to move slowly if we chose to but I am a VERY impatient person and I want to be in our new home ASAP.

We were officially approved at the mobile home park, now I just need to call them and get the name and number for someone to come set up the plumping and electrical for us the week we get the home. One thing I'm not excited about is that it is so large it has traditional mobile home plumbing/electric instead of the RV hook-ups that would make life so much easier. But then again it is too large to up and move on the regular so it's ok that they're semi-permanent hook-ups. I was starting to get used to the idea of a composting toilet though, but my husband is glad for it to be a traditional bathroom facilities so it's a compromise. I get the tiny house, he gets it just a bit larger than the tiny house of my original planning with modern amenities LOL.

I had a lot of time off this week but did very little (OK none) packing or de-cluttering. I mostly read my book, started a new book (A Game of Thrones!) and watched T.V. shows where they remodel old homes into new ones. My handsome husband is at home today packing up our kitchen because he sold the shelving we now use in place of cabinets. We also have someone who found us on craigslist coming by to see if we can swap our dining room table for her living room end table plus some cash. I hope that works out I liked the end table she was selling and we REALLY need to get our table sold. Next I still have to list our washer and dryer on craigslist and pray that those are sold quickly too. I think that's it for the major furniture we need to downsize. No word yet about the 2 chairs we ordered to replace our couch in the tiny home, I will have to call next week and check on those, they shouldn't be ready for a few more weeks.

And last but NOT least I still have to purchase a small oven/stove for our tiny house. The home doesn't come with one but I had them put in an extra electrical outlet so that I could place one against one of the kitchen walls. I worry that it's not going to look right in the kitchen because it'll just be alone against a wall along with my work bench but function over style has always been my mindset so I will just go with it! That's all for now, I'll update again soon!



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