Going Tiny is Expensive

Hey guys I thought I'd give you a quick update before I start another work day. We are all moved into the tiny house. I hated almost every minute of the moving process but we are so in love with our new home. I have posted some pictures on Instagram and Twitter and will upload even more to this page soon. I have bee reluctant to post pictures of the inside since moving has made everything kind of a mess and we don't have pictures hung, everything decorated etc. but I'll post the photos that I do have. No judgment, still trying to figure out where everything goes! There is almost enough storage for everything we need. The only thing we can't find places for are our Christmas decorations and our faux Christmas Tree. I love the festivities of the Holiday season and I don't want to give up the fun winter decorations that I put up for a couple months each year. That might sound frivolous and like a waste of prime real estate but I haven't gotten to THAT point in my mission to live more of a minimalist life style. My parents said they'd store the Christmas things for us for the time being but really I'd like to get a tiny shed to put in our tiny back yard (which we have because our house only takes up 1/2 the lot space of a regular mobile home!). It'd also be nice to put the lawn mower in a shed rather than just under a tarp in the back yard.

The whole moving in and setting up the home turned out to cost WAY more than we had anticipated so I will be working extra hard in August to pay off some of the credit card debt we had to rack up for set up costs. If you're planning on setting up your tiny house on a permanent location in a mobile home park, beware, it's going to cost you upwards of $1,000 for everything you need to hook-up including 'tying down' the home itself ($332) electrical hook ups ($662), water hook ups ($350) and any set up fees for internet and t.v. ($200). We did not have enough in savings to cover everything we need done. We still have to put skirting on the outside of the house and I have no idea what that will cost. Also, our new home is maybe 1 1/2 feet off the ground and did not come with a stair case so we still need to either build or purchase stairs. We are using a cinder block right now to get up and down the front porch and it looks a little red neck, not to mention my miniature poodle has to jump up and down without stairs several times a day and it is a bit high for her.

There are a few kinks in the new home, just as there would be had we purchased a traditional size home. We have a leak in the gas line so we currently do not have hot water (yuk!) or the use of our stove top as it's on the propane tank as well. We have put in a request for service to the company we purchased the home from but so far they haven't gotten back to us on exactly when someone can come fix the odds and ends that need fixing.

In other news we had another financial set back this week as my car needed major repair work. The total set us back just over $2,700. It kind of blew my mind that my car could be that bad off but I have to have the car so I just bit the bullet and put the total on a credit card. I hate using credit cards but we had spent almost our entire savings setting up the new #tinyhouse. I'm going to be working a lot in August and I hope to pay off any credit card debt we have by the end of August.

That's all for now, I am going on a short 4 day trip with my sister starting Monday. We are headed to South Texas to visit some family and go to the beach! I'm excited to go but not excited about the 8 hour long drive! Pictures will follow in the next post.

Thanks for reading 🙂


Allison B.


Our #tinyhouse is here!!!

They delivered our tiny house today!!! I was so excited I just can't wait to start moving in! Today was a bit of a circus once the house got here. Since it's going in a mobile home park we need to have it tied down but the company who delivered it doesn't do tie downs so now we have to find someone ASAP who can do that for us. Also we were required to put them home on cinder blocks if we were going to take the wheels off so I had to run to Lowes and buy those. Thank god the delivery guy was SO nice and went to Lowes with me and picked up the cinder blocks because I don't have a truck and my husband was at work. 

I scheduled a plumber to come next Tuesday and set up the plumbing and water but I still have gotten ahold of the electrician. I've left two messages so far but he hasn't called back so I may look for someone else. We scheduled the tv people to come next Friday and we still need to call the Internet company and set that up. Ahhhh!!!! It's all really happening! Stay tuned! 

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