Our #tinyhouse is here!!!

They delivered our tiny house today!!! I was so excited I just can't wait to start moving in! Today was a bit of a circus once the house got here. Since it's going in a mobile home park we need to have it tied down but the company who delivered it doesn't do tie downs so now we have to find someone ASAP who can do that for us. Also we were required to put them home on cinder blocks if we were going to take the wheels off so I had to run to Lowes and buy those. Thank god the delivery guy was SO nice and went to Lowes with me and picked up the cinder blocks because I don't have a truck and my husband was at work. 

I scheduled a plumber to come next Tuesday and set up the plumbing and water but I still have gotten ahold of the electrician. I've left two messages so far but he hasn't called back so I may look for someone else. We scheduled the tv people to come next Friday and we still need to call the Internet company and set that up. Ahhhh!!!! It's all really happening! Stay tuned! 

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