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Hello All!

Sorry for such a long absence. We have been busy bees trying to set up our new tiny house! You may be thinking the same thing my cousin was when he asked me "well how long does it take to move into a tiny house anyway?" And I know what he was thinking, tiny house = less stuff = quicker move in. Which, okay in some respects it is quicker to move less belongings. On the other hand finding the right places to store those needed belongings has been a challenge. Where does this go? Where is a space left for this? It becomes a game of Tetris just fitting everything you need into the 400 sq ft you have to work with. We have been moved in since the second week of July and we are just now finishing up. We still have to hang a few things (spice rack, pot holder, home décor) but we have finally found places for everything we needed to keep (example, where do you store the tool box if there are no closets??). We ended up having to down size once again after the move when we realized it all wasn't going to fit. We took another 3 full boxes to Goodwill and I still have one more to take before we're through.

When we aren't finding homes for all our belongings we are cooking up a storm! I want to talk for a minute about our oven. One of my biggest concerns when we bought the home was that it didn't come with a full sized oven. I am a huge fan of cooking and baking so I didn't see how I could possibly work with just a toaster oven. The plan was to buy an apartment size oven and find a spot for it. Finding a spot for even the smallest of conventional ovens turned out to be a fantasy. The house is just too small. It fits exactly what we need and NO MORE. So I broke down and purchased a toaster/convection oven. And I am glad to say that it has worked perfectly for our needs. We decided to buy the Black and Decker Counter Top Convection Oven because it comes in extra wide so we didn't have to replace our cookie sheets and cupcake molds. I got this model at Target when it was on sale for $49 last month. I would highly recommend this product to others who need to downsize. While it's taken some getting used to, things take a little longer to cook through, and you have to adjust the temperature from the recipe to convection temperatures, it's well worth the cost of extra space. I also have a strong suspicion that we are using less energy with our tiny oven than we would had I gotten the conventional apartment sized oven. Baking cupcakes in the #tinyhouse

Over the past few weeks I have made cupcakes and batches and batches of sugar cookies! I've also used our new oven to make lasagnas, enchiladas, and meatball subs. I will be posting more about what it's like to cook in a #tinyhouse. I recently learned to decorate sugar cookies like the pro's with royal icing and food coloring. I need more practice but the congratulation cookies I made for my husband's work promotion turned out looking nice. Saturday morning my brother came over and we made even more cookies. He too was impressed with the power of the tiny oven. We made cookie football helmets, footballs, and tiny poodles! I always have more fun cooking with friends and family.Cookies for my husbands promotion!

This weekend my husband bought his first grill and we had our first #tinyhouse cookout! With this small grill he was able to cook up a dozen brats, 5 or 6 chicken breasts and 2 beautiful and delicious steaks. We feasted on the steaks last night and now have left overs for weeks! Hazah! #Tinyhouse grilling out! Yummy

Well that's all I have to update for the time being. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Allison B.



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