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I'm back to muse about my tiny living journey. We have been in our tiny home for almost 7 months and I absolutely love it. It was cool in the summer and it's been nice and warm this winter. Minus the couple nights w/o hot water due to pipe freezes. It's just the right size for myself, my husband and our 2 dog babies. I've been thinking a lot recently about my families environmental footprint and I'd like to share these thoughts with you.


I started my tiny house journey by just watching tiny house t.v. shows. That expanded into long hours searching tiny house living on the internet. We then ventured to an Earth Day Fair in Dallas, TX and toured some of the tiny houses and got to attend a panel on living tiny. After that we made our decision. We were really going to do this tiny house thing! Excited! So we found a tiny house company and hired them to build our tiny home. We opted not to build ourselves for financial, and convenience reasons. I didn't want to learn how to build a house, nor did we have the out-of-pocket cash to buy supplies. But I did want one and I wanted it NOW. So the company put us on EXPRESS and we had our tiny home built and delivered within 7 weeks!

The downsizing process was invigorating. I was donating EVERYTHING we didn't use to charity and feeling great about it. This was it, we were really helping out the world by going tiny. Fast forward to 4ish months into the tiny house living. Did we like it? YES. We love it. It's easy, we only have what we really need and don't buy a lot of unnecessary things. But there was something missing. We have this tiny house, our energy bill was ridiculously low, our water usage was ridiculously low and we have been saving to buy our own land. But is tiny house living enough of a change? Nope.

We could take much better care of our health. Right before Thanksgiving last year my husband decided he was ready to concentrate on losing weight. We are both obese (terrible word but the truth none the less) and we needed to do a complete overhaul on our whole diet. My husband opted to try one of those meal replacement programs, in his case it's the Herbalife Shakes, and I opted to go....VEGAN. I thought it was just a way I could cut a lot of extra fat and calories out of my diet and eat more whole fruits and vegetables but what I've learned these past 3 months has been not just weight changing (down at least 15 lbs) but LIFE changing. I had NO IDEA how bad the meat/dairy industry is for the environment! That's not to mention the killing of living beings just so I could have extra flavor here and there???  I'll share some of my new-found knowledge with you on another post but for now let's just say I have had my eyes opened. For the past 3 months I've been cooking up a storm and I'd like to share my whole foods journey. Stay tuned for more on my new vegan life journey!

Bon Appe-Vegan!

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