28 Days of Changes

Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by. Today I want to tell you about all the exciting things I have planned for the month of February!

28 Days TV-Free!

Starting Feb 1st I am giving up watching all television/movies/documentaries for the month of February. Since leaving my job in December I have noticed I spend MOST of my day either watching television or at least doing other things while the television is on in the background, calling to me, distracting me. I am very picky about what I watch on TV and almost exclusively watch the Food Network Channel. Since becoming Vegan I have had more and more difficulty watching Food TV. Rarely do they have tv episodes that are vegetarian friendly and vegans have almost no presence on this channel. I just can't watch a chicken get 'broken down' anymore. I can't watch chef after chef describe how 'juicy and delicious' a cut of beef (COW!) is with this technique or this recipe. So I am detoxing from ALL TV. The goals I have for this project are to removing as much advertising as I can from my life, read more, work more on the projects that I have a passion for (website, cooking, budgeting, working on my health goals) and become more mindful that ALL my choices alien with my beliefs, even the choice of television show to watch.

Zero Waste Home

Next I am dedicating this month to the start of my Zero Waste Home journey! I have been reading Bea Johnson's book by that title and I am really inspired to reduce my household's environmental footprint. I will be challenging my wasteful habits, make better choices about purchasing things that are reusable, making some of my own staples in the kitchen and the bathroom, and starting a compost pile in my yard. Steps I have taken so far include a) using mesh produce bags, b) purchasing a safety razor instead of disposable razors c) purchasing bamboo toothbrushes and d) making my own pantry staples - vanilla extract, mustard, tofu, yogurt, almond milk etc. I'm off to a solid start but each day I have new opportunities to find ways to reduce my use.


Downsizing - Round 3

I did my families first downsize back in April of 2016 and got rid of over half of all our belongings. All the things we never used, that we just had because we were supposed to have one, that were gifts never appreciated etc. I did round 2 right after moving into the tiny house and realizing not everything we own would fit in the tiny house. Well folks it's time for round 3. Not because we accumulated much more over these last 7 months but because when we moved in we crammed as much as we possibly could into every spare space of the tiny house and it's time to evaluate if we really did need all the stuff we hung onto. For example I made sure and kept all my kitchen equipment because I could fit it all in, now I'm planning to go through and pare down anything I haven't used since moving into the tiny house.
The one area of my home that actually has increased since moving is my wardrobe. I have bought SO MUCH clothing over the past year. Not only that but then my sister gave me some of her old clothing in December. I am constantly doing the laundry and the laundry is constantly a headache for our tiny bedroom. It's time to pare down what I really love from what I just 'have'. I'll be going through my clothes and taking the pieces I want to let go to either consignment stores or to Goodwill depending on their condition.


My husband and I have decided to try our very first juice fast beginning this Sunday February 5th and lasting for 10 days. We got inspired to try juicing after watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix. The powerful health benefits of juicing were made pretty apparent so I did some research into this popular practice and we want to give it a try. Yesterday I bought an old juicer from Goodwill for $5 that was just missing the plunger part. I went to the website to order the plunger and discovered this juicer model was recalled in 2001. After calling the recall hot line and talking to the company they offered to send us a replacement juicer for my recalled one! So we are getting a new juicer sent to us next week and until then I will be juicing using a blender and my nut-milk bag to strain the pulp. I haven't decided yet what I will be doing with the extra pulp but I want to reuse it the best way possible. If I can't find a reuse for the pulp I plan on putting it in my new backyard compost pile.

So there you have it! This month is over-flowing with positive changes and I'm excited to see the improvements in our health, sustainability, and happiness. Check back in soon for updates on these topics!
Have a great day ya'll,
Allison Bost, MSW
This Tiny House Wife

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