30-Day Minimalism Game

Last Month I decided that I would make a bigger commitment to living with less by starting the 30 Day Minimalism Game created by The Minimalists. After my last post I got a new job and have been preoccupied with learning new material and adjusting to my new 7pm bed time and 3am wake up call. But life is starting to slow down again and I'm starting the Minimalism Game TODAY! I know it's not the 1st of the month or the first of the year or anything neat and tidy like that but life doesn't always schedule itself neat and orderly and I'd rather start today than wait another couple weeks to improve my life!

#MinsGame Day 1

So today - on Day 1 - I have decided to get rid of this candle holder and the tea light candles that go in it. I bought it when we first moved into our tiny house about 8 months ago and we've used it exactly twice. I'll have to think about what to get rid of tomorrow. I don't know how long we'll be able to play the game as we don't own that much stuff. I do however want to challenge myself to really think about the value I place in objects and consider if they're really adding to my life or if it's just 'stuff'. So March 11th, 2017 is the goal. Hope I can make it at least halfway! Follow my journey on instagram @thistinyhousewife or on twitter @tinyhousewife16!!!

Allison Bost, MSW
This Tiny House Wife

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