Well it's been a more than crazy week. I've worked 7 shifts in the last 5 days but good news was I got off early tonight, in time to see the OKC Thunder CRUSH the Golden State Warriors! Also I get alllll day tomorrow off! Yay!

But really the best part of the last few days was finding a Dave Ramsey locally endorsed Realtor who is on the hunt for land for our tiny house! He was so nice and has sent us 3 properties to consider so far. He was really nice on the phone and told me we are the first tiny house family he has ever met "but I've seen tiny houses on t.v." -Jessie the Realtor. I am confident with Jessie's help my husband and I will be able to find the perfect location for our new tiny house :).

I did one additional thing towards the TH Ranch this week and that was to set up an appointment with the bank for this Friday morning to discuss applying for a loan for the land. I want to make sure I apply while a) my credit is excellent since we don't have credit card debt anymore and b) while my last 3 months worth of pay checks reflect that I've been making BANK. My income is about to drop significantly because I will be working less in the month of June than I have in the past 3 months but I'm ready for the break. Working with bipolar disorder is a real challenge, I need to take time off to keep my moods stable, more balanced. I HATE it when people (mostly my mom and husband) tell me I need to work less and relax more for my health but in reality I know they're right. It would be a complete set-back to fall into a deep depression now. I wish I was "normal" but the reality of my life is I can not work a 5 days a week 9-5 job for more than a few months and I am very close to hitting that ceiling. I just have to make it through the next week and then I only have to work 3-4 times per week for all of June.

We have a Realtor, am I officially an adult now? I THINK SO ๐Ÿ˜‰

Since it's officially my day off (12:08am) I am going to have a LARGE screw driver, watch Tiny House Hunters and read Tiny House Blogs until I fall asleep. Night all!




Today was my last day off for a week and I spent it making BBQ sauce, pulled pork sandwiches and oatmeal sandwich cookies ๐Ÿ™‚ I did not do any downsizing nor did I call any Realtors like I had originally planed on doing with my day off. I will admit that calling a real estate agent scared me. I know I'm an fully grown 30 year old adult with a husband and a job but something about purchasing property makes me feel like I should have adult supervision. Which is ridiculous. I am committed to calling a Realtor next week on my next day off. I am. I swear!

Really I do want to move forward with buying land so we can finally purchase our tiny house. I wish I could fast forward through the next couple months worth of my job and have the money all ready for the down payment.

That's all for now, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day off before I spend the next 3 days working double shifts. Bye ๐Ÿ™‚



Getting There


From 2 stuffed bookshelves top to bottom to less than 2 shelves worth of books. That is a pretty good job downsizing if you ask me. And that was after round 2 of downsizing the books. I have realized it's going to take me a few passes of reviewing everything before I'm willing to let go of what I truly don't want/use/need. I am not taking photos of the loads of stuff we're donating to Good Will because some of the stuff is stuff that was given to us and I don't want anyone thinking I was ungrateful for their gifts, I just don't have room for things we don't absolutely love anymore.

Our junk room is now empty except for the giant stack of boxes we keep for when we move (sooooooo looking forward to getting rid of those after the next move for good!). The only room left to downsize is the kitchen. I started in there today and did downsize the dishes but not the kitchen tools/gadgets/pots/pans etc. I LOVE my kitchen and I LOVE my kitchen doodads...I'm secretly hoping they'll just all fit perfectly in my new tiny home but I know in my heart that they won't and I'm going to have to pare down. ๐Ÿ™ Can I have a tiny house and a HUGE kitchen? No? Damn.

Had breakfast with my parents and brother this morning. Always love seeing them, butย  they do not understand the tiny house thing. They are trying, in a not so subtle way,ย  to convince us to purchase a standard size home. They keep mentioning all negative points about tiny living and all the positive things about standard homes. But to be honest their 'pros' for conventional housing just do not sound appealing - resell value, tax deduction, storage space. Compared to what we'd get in a tiny home - financial security, mobility, simplicity, closeness, their arguments just don't seem to be swaying either of our opinions. I do hope that once we have the house and the land they will see that it's the right decision for our family, but if not I guess we can live with that too.


Slow Progress


Well I'm sick again. I think it might be due to the stress of working so much again. I'm back to working 5-6 days/week. I am just not cut out for this kind of work-life. I can't wait until we have our own house w/land and it's paid off! Then I can stop worrying about how much money we make and I can actually say NO if I don't feel like working so much.

I had yesterday off but I spent the day sleeping on and off and watching episodes of Tiny House Hunters and Tiny House, Big Living. I didn't do ANY downsizing, or decluttering or cleaning or laundry or cooking or ANYTHING at all productive ๐Ÿ™

My plan for my day off was to call around and find a realtor who could show us some plots of land, but that definitely did not happen. Oh well, I have next Wednesday off too, I'll just have to wait and plan to contact someone about land then.

Right now I'm just finishing up some laundry before I go into work for the night. Tonight I agreed to work 1pm-11pm! YUK. Oh well I hope it ends up being a lucrative evening for me. I just wish this cold would go away already!

More after I've actually made some progress....


Parking the Tiny House

Since I had yesterday off my husband and I had a nice relaxing day, just the two of us. It was so nice, we even got to see the new Captin America movie! After the movie we took some time to drive around to all the mobile home parks in Edmond to see if we could decide where we'd like to park our tiny house when we do get enough down payment to order it. I have to say, I was very disappointment with the options available. Of the 4 neighborhoods we saw only 2 of them looked as though they had any open lots and none of them looked like they were nice enough neighborhoods to commit to for the next 5 years. Dreams = temporarily crushed. Where are we going to park our home???

The only answer I can think of is to purchase the land first and then buy the tiny home whenever we can after that. Land is a big expense we were hoping to avoid right away but I'm just not going to be happy living in any of the parks in Edmond. My husband and I have decided to contact a Realtor for help locating land. Ideally we want to find land that's 1 acre or less, near the OKC or surrounding area, that is zoned for mobile homes, and that already has access to water/sewer and electrical. That's a tall order. We have no idea what something like that will cost in reality but we can't afford more than $300/mo in payments if we are also going to be making payments on the home itself. BUMMER! This week the only day I have off is Wednesday so I will be calling around to find a realtor who can give us a better idea of where and how much we are looking at for this project.

More kinks in the master plan, but where there's a will, there's a way.

Stay tuned!



No Time

My decluttering project is going much slower than I thought it would. I've been working everyday and I find that when I get home all I want to do is lay down ๐Ÿ™

I did not end up having a day off this week like I thought so I have not gotten any progress done since Tuesday. I am almost positive I will have Saturday off and I will dedicate at least a little time to decluttering. Also on Saturday my husband and I are going to go check out mobile home parks in Edmond, OK. I want to move our tiny house to a mobile home park in Edmond. I grew up there, my parents and brother live there, and it's just a nicer city in general. If I'm going to live in a trailer park I want it to be the BEST trailer park ๐Ÿ™‚ My goal is to live in a community where people own their own homes and are proud of them, not just renting whatever the cheapest option.

I'm going to take the rest of tonight (OMG I didn't realize it was already 9pm!) and start reading Ruth Soukup's book 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life. Hopefully it'll get me motivated to declutter even on days like to day where I have very little time and ZERO energy!



De-cluttering progress

Well after I made dinner I decided to tackle the '200 items to declutter' list and made it through 10 items including - hangers from the dry cleaners, hangers from the store, outdated medications and vitamins and dried up nail polish. Because these items each came from separate rooms my home doesn't look different whatsoever BUT I did fill 1 and 1/2 trash bags and 1 small pile for Good Will so it's still progress. It was mostly getting ride of things, but I did downsize my jewelry collection, that felt good.

I have tomorrow off from work so I will try getting through some more items on the list, I may even venture into the 'junk room'. That's right, we do not have a junk drawer like the rest of America, we have an entire ROOM! After moving into this rental house in November we ended up just sticking anything we don't use regularly into the guest room and it has morphed into being the junk room. What makes that room sort of easier to downsize is it's all things I know for a fact that we haven't used in at least 8 months so essentially it could ALL be downsized, no questions asked. I am working through each box and just double checking that I'm not donating anything of sentimental value that I could offer a family member first but I'm 1/4 of the way into the room and I've been able to donate 98% of the stuff opened so far. Good sign, very good sign.

As far as buying the tiny house goes we are no closer to having the money for the down payment at the moment. I get paid Friday, but I don't think my paycheck will have anything left over after rent and bills and groceries for the next two weeks. I work on commission mostly so I never know exactly how much I'm going to be making. With me taking time off last weekend to go to Dallas I know my check will be at least 2 days short, but it was worth it to me since we got to see and hear so much that weekend. And it was worth it because we picked out our new tiny house! So, still looking at months and months before we actually have the money to purchase. But we will be thrifty and save as much as we can to get this dream realized before the end of October 2016.

We WILL get our tiny dream house, sooner or later ๐Ÿ˜‰



Storage Issues

I was at work all day today so my husband and I didn't get to do any decluttering or downsizing, but I did pin some good decluttering articles on Pinterst that I printed out. I printed out this list of 200 things you get rid ofย  - suggestions like cords that don't have their appliances anymore, hair accessories and make-up you don't use, take out menu's and disposable chopsticks! All great suggestions for things to downsize without haven't to think too much about the decision. The 200 item list printed off about 20 per page so I think I'll just try and tackle it one day at a time for only one page at a time. That seems reasonable for days I have to work and if I have more time on my days off this week I'll probably get into some of the harder stuff - things like which of the 100+ Christmas decorations I should keep and which to part with.


This is not really my house but you get the picture ๐Ÿ˜‰

When I thought about where we would store our Christmas decorations it occurred to me, there is NO extra closet in the home we are going to buy. I knew I'd be downsizing to fit everything into my wardrobe, but there is literally not a single spare closet for winter clothes, outdoor supplies, bikes, Christmas decorations...nothing! I am wondering how hard it would be to turn part of a 10ft roofed in deck into a small storage closet? I probably should look into this, or else where will we put things like, the lawn mower? We are going to be renting in a mobile home park for at least the first 5 years and I don't want to have to hire someone to mow the lawn the whole year...interesting things to consider. #tinyhouseproblems ๐Ÿ™‚ This will get figured out, I will part with the fake Christmas tree and the lawn mower if it means owning our own home within the next 5 years. I just keep circling back to why this is all so important. Financial Freedom. There's a saying by Dave Ramsey that I like - Live like no one else now and you can LIVE like no one else someday (orย something very close to that).ย He was talking about living within your means and not taking on any debt, but I see this debt as our means to a quicker end rather than another financial burden. I will gladly take the 4-5 year loan to avoid the stress of our monthly rent and the peace of knowing it will all be ours VERY soon.

Anyway, not much left to do tonight. Tomorrow I'll start my list and keep thinking of other #tinyhouseproblems that we should address before we move in.




Downsizing and Oven Hunt

So far we've taken 2 car load full of clothes, and unused 'stuff' to Good Will and I sold 85% of my book collection to a used bookstore for a total of $60.50, not too bad considering I was probably never going to read those books again. I used to treasure my books but since thinking about downsizing they just started to feel like a waste of space and a symbol of how snobby I used be about my reading selection. I did however end up keeping all my books about Therapy and Social Work as that's my career path at the moment. Well, lets face it I'm still a book snob but I keep it to myself these days and I use the library 9 times out of 10. It's been a long time since I purchased a book that wasn't digital or that I could get from the local library.

After we unloaded the books we took a trip to Best Buy to see if they had any counter-top convection ovens that we could view. The ONLY things we do not like about the tiny home we are going to purchase is that they don't put in full or apartment ovens, only propane powered burners, and they have a laundry set up but they put in a stack-able unit, we wanted to see if we could get just a washer/dryer combo put in to save some space and energy. Unfortunately Best Buy didn't have any counter-top convection ovens OR washer/dryer combo's on display. We will try and look at a department store next week sometime to see if we can find what we're looking for, meanwhile I'll do more research online.

I finally feel like I'm getting over this strep throat. I am working for the next two days but on Tuesday I am going with my mother to a company in Ponca City - North Central Manufactured Homes. They have the model that we looked at in Texas. We're going to see if there's a price difference in ordering it from an in-state builder, and I also want to show my mother the home we're planning to purchase. I know she's not crazy about the idea of us buying a tiny home, she keeps saying I just 'don't know what buying a real house will be like, mortgages get paid! It's normal!' Well, sorry mom but I do not want the big fat mortgage or the HUGE amount of stress that comes with the big house in the good neighborhood. Yes, I'll pick my own tiny house and eventually we'll get our own little plot of land and we will be all set! Well, in my perfect world we have 2 plots of land, one in Oklahoma and one, eventually, in Florida!

I worry most about my father, I'm afraid he REALLY doesn't understand our tiny house dreams, but I'm trying not to let his negative attitude bother me too much. YAWN! Well, I have to be at work bright and early tomorrow so I'll be turning in now. Until next time ๐Ÿ˜‰



Downsizing...Read, Set, Go!


I started my downsizing saga today. Well I really started it last week when I began reading this great book - Unstuffed: Decluttering your Home, Mind & Soul by Ruth Soukup. I recommend reading it if you're interested in getting some downsizing motivation. I started with my closet as I needed to get out my spring/summer clothes anyway. After an hour I had sorted through every piece of clothing I own and ended up with 2 garbage bags full of clothes I no longer wear or that no longer fit to be donated to Good Will in the morning. That felt so refreshing! Now everything in my closet is handย  picked (twice!) and I know for a fact I actually wear the things that are left. It was probably the most eye opening to sort through my socks/underwear drawer and realize I wear the same clothes every week, so why do I own 20 pairs of socks??? Mystery!

Now that we know exactly what our new house is going to look like, and how much space it does NOT have for storage, I think made this downsizing project actual feel real and important for me. Before I liked the idea of owning less, but now that I have a clear picture of just how much less, it feels like an even more important task to tackle. I'm still feeling kind of sickly from the strep throat so after doing the closet I started on the kitchen table (yes, we ended up using it for document storage instead of a meal place, bad! I promissed myself I wouldn't let that happen but it happened anyway). I got half-way through the documents but had to lay down for a while. I have tomorrow off so I will be doing even more "unstuffing" tomorrow. My goal for tomorrow is to finish the kitchen table, get all the donations taken to Good Will, post an ad to sell our dining room table on craigslist and tackle the kitchen. I know for a fact that I own entirely too many cooking utensils, pans, bowls, and 'whatnots'. I'm going to sift through and try to pick and choose what to take with me and what needs to go in a yard sale soon.ย  My new kitchen doesn't have an oven, we will be getting a counter top convection oven, but it still means most of my pans will no longer fit in the storage or the actual oven. I am least looking forward to downsizing my kitchen as I love to cook and bake, I may end up keeping more kitchen supplies and letting the living room decorations be 'kitchen chique' LOL, just a thought...

Stock photos of our new home can be found on the Tiny House Direct website here if you're curious to check out our future digs! We are purchasing the 399sq foot Tiny Hacienda. We decided to get a blue home with white trim. I'm VERY excited about our decision. Now we just need to save as much as we can and wait for my credit to hit the right number. I tend to be a very impatient person. I'm going to work on focusing on the progress I make daily with downsizing, hopefully this will make me feel more productive during our wait.





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