Downsizing and Oven Hunt

So far we've taken 2 car load full of clothes, and unused 'stuff' to Good Will and I sold 85% of my book collection to a used bookstore for a total of $60.50, not too bad considering I was probably never going to read those books again. I used to treasure my books but since thinking about downsizing they just started to feel like a waste of space and a symbol of how snobby I used be about my reading selection. I did however end up keeping all my books about Therapy and Social Work as that's my career path at the moment. Well, lets face it I'm still a book snob but I keep it to myself these days and I use the library 9 times out of 10. It's been a long time since I purchased a book that wasn't digital or that I could get from the local library.

After we unloaded the books we took a trip to Best Buy to see if they had any counter-top convection ovens that we could view. The ONLY things we do not like about the tiny home we are going to purchase is that they don't put in full or apartment ovens, only propane powered burners, and they have a laundry set up but they put in a stack-able unit, we wanted to see if we could get just a washer/dryer combo put in to save some space and energy. Unfortunately Best Buy didn't have any counter-top convection ovens OR washer/dryer combo's on display. We will try and look at a department store next week sometime to see if we can find what we're looking for, meanwhile I'll do more research online.

I finally feel like I'm getting over this strep throat. I am working for the next two days but on Tuesday I am going with my mother to a company in Ponca City - North Central Manufactured Homes. They have the model that we looked at in Texas. We're going to see if there's a price difference in ordering it from an in-state builder, and I also want to show my mother the home we're planning to purchase. I know she's not crazy about the idea of us buying a tiny home, she keeps saying I just 'don't know what buying a real house will be like, mortgages get paid! It's normal!' Well, sorry mom but I do not want the big fat mortgage or the HUGE amount of stress that comes with the big house in the good neighborhood. Yes, I'll pick my own tiny house and eventually we'll get our own little plot of land and we will be all set! Well, in my perfect world we have 2 plots of land, one in Oklahoma and one, eventually, in Florida!

I worry most about my father, I'm afraid he REALLY doesn't understand our tiny house dreams, but I'm trying not to let his negative attitude bother me too much. YAWN! Well, I have to be at work bright and early tomorrow so I'll be turning in now. Until next time 😉


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