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I was at work all day today so my husband and I didn't get to do any decluttering or downsizing, but I did pin some good decluttering articles on Pinterst that I printed out. I printed out this list of 200 things you get rid of  - suggestions like cords that don't have their appliances anymore, hair accessories and make-up you don't use, take out menu's and disposable chopsticks! All great suggestions for things to downsize without haven't to think too much about the decision. The 200 item list printed off about 20 per page so I think I'll just try and tackle it one day at a time for only one page at a time. That seems reasonable for days I have to work and if I have more time on my days off this week I'll probably get into some of the harder stuff - things like which of the 100+ Christmas decorations I should keep and which to part with.


This is not really my house but you get the picture 😉

When I thought about where we would store our Christmas decorations it occurred to me, there is NO extra closet in the home we are going to buy. I knew I'd be downsizing to fit everything into my wardrobe, but there is literally not a single spare closet for winter clothes, outdoor supplies, bikes, Christmas decorations...nothing! I am wondering how hard it would be to turn part of a 10ft roofed in deck into a small storage closet? I probably should look into this, or else where will we put things like, the lawn mower? We are going to be renting in a mobile home park for at least the first 5 years and I don't want to have to hire someone to mow the lawn the whole year...interesting things to consider. #tinyhouseproblems 🙂 This will get figured out, I will part with the fake Christmas tree and the lawn mower if it means owning our own home within the next 5 years. I just keep circling back to why this is all so important. Financial Freedom. There's a saying by Dave Ramsey that I like - Live like no one else now and you can LIVE like no one else someday (or something very close to that). He was talking about living within your means and not taking on any debt, but I see this debt as our means to a quicker end rather than another financial burden. I will gladly take the 4-5 year loan to avoid the stress of our monthly rent and the peace of knowing it will all be ours VERY soon.

Anyway, not much left to do tonight. Tomorrow I'll start my list and keep thinking of other #tinyhouseproblems that we should address before we move in.



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