De-cluttering progress

Well after I made dinner I decided to tackle the '200 items to declutter' list and made it through 10 items including - hangers from the dry cleaners, hangers from the store, outdated medications and vitamins and dried up nail polish. Because these items each came from separate rooms my home doesn't look different whatsoever BUT I did fill 1 and 1/2 trash bags and 1 small pile for Good Will so it's still progress. It was mostly getting ride of things, but I did downsize my jewelry collection, that felt good.

I have tomorrow off from work so I will try getting through some more items on the list, I may even venture into the 'junk room'. That's right, we do not have a junk drawer like the rest of America, we have an entire ROOM! After moving into this rental house in November we ended up just sticking anything we don't use regularly into the guest room and it has morphed into being the junk room. What makes that room sort of easier to downsize is it's all things I know for a fact that we haven't used in at least 8 months so essentially it could ALL be downsized, no questions asked. I am working through each box and just double checking that I'm not donating anything of sentimental value that I could offer a family member first but I'm 1/4 of the way into the room and I've been able to donate 98% of the stuff opened so far. Good sign, very good sign.

As far as buying the tiny house goes we are no closer to having the money for the down payment at the moment. I get paid Friday, but I don't think my paycheck will have anything left over after rent and bills and groceries for the next two weeks. I work on commission mostly so I never know exactly how much I'm going to be making. With me taking time off last weekend to go to Dallas I know my check will be at least 2 days short, but it was worth it to me since we got to see and hear so much that weekend. And it was worth it because we picked out our new tiny house! So, still looking at months and months before we actually have the money to purchase. But we will be thrifty and save as much as we can to get this dream realized before the end of October 2016.

We WILL get our tiny dream house, sooner or later 😉


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