Well it's been a more than crazy week. I've worked 7 shifts in the last 5 days but good news was I got off early tonight, in time to see the OKC Thunder CRUSH the Golden State Warriors! Also I get alllll day tomorrow off! Yay!

But really the best part of the last few days was finding a Dave Ramsey locally endorsed Realtor who is on the hunt for land for our tiny house! He was so nice and has sent us 3 properties to consider so far. He was really nice on the phone and told me we are the first tiny house family he has ever met "but I've seen tiny houses on t.v." -Jessie the Realtor. I am confident with Jessie's help my husband and I will be able to find the perfect location for our new tiny house :).

I did one additional thing towards the TH Ranch this week and that was to set up an appointment with the bank for this Friday morning to discuss applying for a loan for the land. I want to make sure I apply while a) my credit is excellent since we don't have credit card debt anymore and b) while my last 3 months worth of pay checks reflect that I've been making BANK. My income is about to drop significantly because I will be working less in the month of June than I have in the past 3 months but I'm ready for the break. Working with bipolar disorder is a real challenge, I need to take time off to keep my moods stable, more balanced. I HATE it when people (mostly my mom and husband) tell me I need to work less and relax more for my health but in reality I know they're right. It would be a complete set-back to fall into a deep depression now. I wish I was "normal" but the reality of my life is I can not work a 5 days a week 9-5 job for more than a few months and I am very close to hitting that ceiling. I just have to make it through the next week and then I only have to work 3-4 times per week for all of June.

We have a Realtor, am I officially an adult now? I THINK SO 😉

Since it's officially my day off (12:08am) I am going to have a LARGE screw driver, watch Tiny House Hunters and read Tiny House Blogs until I fall asleep. Night all!



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