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I hate the bank! I had an appointment to talk to  Bank of America today. I was told AGAIN 'We don't offer that type of loan' Well what the hell are you good for BoA?? HuH!?? SO frustrated right now. She gave me the name of 2 obscure never heard of banks to try a land loan with there. NO THANKS. I'd like to borrow money from a bank I've heard of and that has some good credibility. So I put in an online application for a $25,000 land loan with a local credit union that is established and reputable. I am not a member though so I hope this loan application is approved. Since I now have excellent credit the only tiny concern I have is that they'll say I don't work full time because I'm classified as PRN at the hospital I work at. I may not be *technically a full time employee but I work over 40 hrs per week, which means financially I make more than a full time employee does. I hope all they care about is that I'm making enough money with myself and my husband's jobs to pay back a loan of this size. I am really hoping that we will find property for less than $25,000 but just to make sure we have enough money to add utilities to land I put in for a full $25K.

Stupid Stupid Stupid Banks! Ahh! Please let this loan be approved! I don't want a ding on my credit for no reason 🙁

Anyway, I heard from the Realtor, Jessie, today too that he's working on getting us info on property in the area near my parents. I am excited to find out how much property in that area will cost but it would be a good area to live in. I'm running out of patience with waiting to buy the tiny house. I feel like it's 1 step forward and 2 steps back in our journey to live tiny. I should be focusing on downsizing more when I get in moods like this but I just feel like it will be easier to downsize when we have bought the home, then we can move over EXACTLY what fits in the tiny home and everything let can be donated. Maybe that's an unrealistic way of moving into a new home but it sounds like a good option to me. For example I don't want to purge allllll of my kitchen stuff without knowing exactly how much space I'll have in the new kitchen. Almost all the kitchen stuff I have left is brand new and stuff that I use on a regular basis. It makes no sense to me to get rid of stuff that might fit in the tiny home, 400 sq ft is about twice the size of a standard tiny home, so we should have some room to work with. I just got a new book from the library by The Minimalists that I'm hoping will change how I'm viewing all my belongings enough that I can pare down even farther than I have so far.

I'm working 6 shifts in the next 4 days, I'm hoping we are busy so I can make more money and so the time goes by quicker. Better get to work now. Later!


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